Skin Type

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It withstands tremendous exposure to elemental factors: sun, wind, and extreme temperatures, as well as the effects of internal and topical nutrient and moisture deficiency. Biophora is designed to correct as well as defend the skin from the impact of these factors. This unique system safely, but aggressively exfoliates while replacing essential nutrients. A personalized consultation with our highly trained Biophora technicians will determine the exact protocol that will ensure the safe and effective results you require for your individual skin type.

Element Exposed / Normal Aging Skin

The typical characteristics that identify this skin type are damage caused by over-exposure to the sun, harsh weather, pollutants, smoking, dehydration and age related conditions.An effective range of home care products is designed to exfoliate dead skin cells, minimize hyperpigmentation, plump fine lines, improve hydration, and revitalize a dull or tired appearance that often accompanies this skin type. Most patients will fall into this category.

Acne / Oily Skin

Acne or oily skin is characterized by the presence of pustules or pimples, large pores, blackheads, whiteheads or frequent breakouts and shiny appearance of the skin. Biophora home care products are designed to reduce bacteria buildup and loosen debris that clogs the pores. The goal is to increase cellular turnover resulting in normally functioning pores, which are able to release the flow of oil. Active ingredients in the Acne / Oily product line calm most acne conditions, leaving the skin smoother and more consistently blemish free.

Sensitive / Dry Skin

A smaller percentage of the population will experience particularly sensitive or dry skin. This category may include the lighter skin tones on the Fitzpatrick Scale, which are more sensitive to the sun, chemicals, fragrances, dyes, foods, rough fabrics, etc. Conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea would also be included in this category. Biophora products for sensitive skin will help heal and normalize the skin perhaps even gradually allowing for the use of more progressive treatments and products.

Biophora Specialty Products for All Skin Types

There are seven Biophora products that are suitable to augment the results of the basic product categories for all skin types. These products are recommended at the discretion of the Biophora Technician to enhance treatment for greater results and patient satisfaction.